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This will be the wiki for Team 5: Gaming. Our content is currently a work in progress. The final copy of everything should be available by 5pm on Friday, March 5, 2010.

Games have been around as long as history itself, beginning with board games, wrestling, and puzzles. Once computers were built a whole new market for games was created. This marked the beginning of the video game era, starting with William Higinbotham's “Tennis for Two,” programmed in 1958. Today there are thousands of different video games creating market competition and strict censorship within countries.

Gaming Topics

Personal Gaming Computers

Not only did video games change the way we spend time in front of the computer, but it changed the way we build them. Today, personal computers are bench-marked against each other using video games. A computer is now said to be better than another if it is able to run a video game smoother than the competition. Since computer companies rely heavily on the gaming community, it has pushed them to develop better computer components before their competitors.

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