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CS4EDU: Computer Science for Education

The goal of the CS4EDU project is to create new pathways for undergraduate education majors to become computationally educated secondary teachers. This includes a joint effort between faculty in the Department of Computer Science and the College of Education to create a Computer Science Teaching Endorsement program, based on the educational computing standards set by the International Society for Technology in Education.

A major focus of the teaching endorsement is on computer science as a creative discipline, enabling new fields and discoveries. The pathways to the endorsement program are targeted at diverse student groups: education majors are exposed to modules focused on computer science topics, science education majors are able to fulfill general course requirements while working towards the endorsement, and students transferring into education from a STEM discipline are building on their technical backgrounds.

We are currently integrating modules on computational thinking into existing education courses. The modules highlight the pervasiveness of computational metaphors in topics like reasoning, knowledge construction, and problem solving. We have developed a course on contemporary issues in computing which explores how computing affects everyone and how the Internet has changed and will continue to change societies and individuals. A centerpiece of the CS Endorsement is a methods course with an associated teaching practicum in computer science.

In the News

Aman Yadav and Tim Korb argue for the need of a computer science methods courses to prepare CS teachers in this Communications of the ACM article (11/20/2012)

The CS4EDU 2012 workshop for high school teachers was held this summer, July 31-August 1, 2012:

Prof. Aman Yadav given courtesy appointment in CS (04/02/2012)

Purdue CS news release on Teaching Endorsement (11/05/2010). Corresponding University News Service press release (12/06/2010)

Purdue CS news release on Project CS4EDU (09/23/2009). Corresponding University News Service press release (10/13/2009)

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