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Contemporary Issues in Computing

CS 19000 (crn: 43623) • Spring 2010 • Mon/Wed 3:30-4:20 • LWSN 1106



Teaching Assistant:


Date Topic Speaker HW Due (Fri @ 5pm)
Mon, Jan 11 Introductions, Organization Susanne Hambrusch Preferences Doc
Wed, Jan 13 The Internet: Powerful, Pervasive, And Perilous Doug Comer
Mon, Jan 18 MLK Day (no class) Initial Blog Post
Wed, Jan 20 The Internet: Powerful, Pervasive, And Perilous Doug Comer/Tim Korb
Mon, Jan 25 Social Networking Aman Yadav Blog: Internet/SN (1/13&1/20&1/25)
Wed, Jan 27 Will your vote count? How will you know? Gene Spafford
Mon, Feb 1 Cyber Security 101 Gene Spafford Blog: Security (1/27&2/1)
Wiki: Internet/SN (team 1)
Wed, Feb 3 Are Right and Wrong Expressible in Binary? Gene Spafford
Mon, Feb 8 Are Right and Wrong Expressible in Binary? A.G. Rud Blog: Ethics/IP
Wiki: Security (team 2)
Wed, Feb 10 Intellectual Monopoly vs. Intellectual Commons Melissa Dark
Mon, Feb 15 Digital Divide: The world and US Steve Cooper Blog: Divide
Wiki: Ethics/IP (team 3)
Wed, Feb 17 Digital Divide: Who is underrepresented? Steve Cooper
Mon, Feb 22 Gaming for fun, learning, and training Chris Hoffmann Blog: Gaming
Wiki: Divide (team 4)
Wed, Feb 24 Gaming for fun, learning, and training Chris Hoffmann
Mon, Mar 1 History of computing Susanne Hambrusch Blog: History/Limits
Wiki: Gaming (team 5)
Wed, Mar 3 Limits and the future of computation Susanne Hambrusch
Fri, Mar 12 Blown to Bits response (individual work)

Course Organization and Assignments

One take-home message of the course is how the Internet and social computing have significantly altered the way new content is generated and distributed. To experience this first-hand, students will use several collaborative technologies (Google Docs, Blogger, and DokuWiki) for completing the written homework assignments.

The course work consists of three components, each carrying equal weight:

  1. Weekly Blogging: team effort, blogging on the topic in lectures
  2. Wiki Project: teams are assigned one course topic and contribute to the CS4EDU wiki
  3. Blown to Bits: individual response to one chapter in the book Blown to Bits: Your Life, Liberty, and Happiness After the Digital Explosion by Hal Abelson, Ken Ledeen, Harry Lewis

See the upcoming deadlines page for deadlines of blog posts and your team's WIKI deadline.

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