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Computer Science Teaching Supplemental Licensure Program

A trifold is available that describes the Supplemental Licensure Program program. Request printed copies by email.

The Purdue Computer Science Teaching Supplemental Licensure Program prepares education majors to teach computer science in secondary schools. The program is designed to meet the ISTE Secondary Computer Science Education program standards. The program consists of two components, one in computer science and one in education.

1. Computer Science Course Work

The computer science foundation is obtained by taking five courses. Some of the courses are not only offered by Computer Science, but also through Electrical & Computer Engineering and Mathematics.

  1. Contemporary Issues in Computing
    • CS 190 (1 credit) or CS 290 (3 credits)
  2. Programming 1
    • CS 180 (Problem Solving and Object-Oriented Programming in Java, 4 credits)
  3. Programming 2
    • CS 158 (C Programming, 3 credits), or
    • CS 159 (Programming Applications For Engineers, 3 credits), or
    • CS 177 (Programming with Multimedia Objects (in Python), 4 credits), or
    • CS 240 (Programming in C, 3 credits), or
    • ECE 264 (Advanced C Programming, 2 credits)
  4. Foundations of CS/Discrete Math
    • CS 182 (Foundations of Computer Science, 3 credits), or
    • Math 375 (Discrete Mathematics, 3 credits), or
    • ECE 369 (Discrete Mathematics for Computer Engineering, 3 credits)
  5. Data Structures and Algorithms
    • CS 251 (Data Structures and Algorithms (Java), 3 credits), or
    • ECE 368 (Data Structures and Algorithms (C), 3 credits)

2. Education Course Work and Practicum

The education-related requirements include a computer science methods course, which addresses methods for teaching computer science at the high school level, and a teaching practicum in CS completed in coordination with the teaching practicum in the primary licensure area:

  1. Methods of Teaching Computer Science in Secondary Schools (EDST 4xx, 3 credits)
  2. Teaching Practicum (CS teaching experience will be added to primary licensure area)

For more detailed information, a handout is available.

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