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Week 9


  • Learn how to assess student learning
  • Learn how to create effective assessment

Readings for Class Discussion

Required Readings

  • Ormrod, J. E. (2011). Assessment Strategies
  • Nørmark, K., Thomsen, L. L., and Torp, K. (2008) Mini Project Programming Exams. In J. Bennedsen et al. (Eds.): Teaching of Programming (pp. 228–242). Springer
  • Bloom's Taxonomy


  • Pick a topic (loops, recursion, etc) you would like to teach in a high school CS course. Create a homework assignment for students to assess their understanding of that topic. What rubric will you use to assess whether students understood the topic? What level of Bloom's Taxonomy does your assignment target and how will you measure whether students have achieved that level?


Note from JTK: See Carl Wieman slide for an example of Java language assessment.

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