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Weekly Blogging

Throughout the semester each group will maintain a blog about the topics covered in the lectures. More specifically:

  • After every class, the group starts on its reflection of (and contribution to) the lecture material.
    • This is done using Google Docs, i.e., each student signs in and outlines several thoughts.
  • Each week, a different group member takes the role of primary author.
    • This student will combine and consolidate the contributions of individual group members.
  • Once all in a group agree on the resulting material, it is posted (in essay format) to the team's blog using Blogger.

Blog post are due on Friday 5pm, from Friday 1/22 to 3/5, as shown in the schedule. During the first week of class, the TA will create the team blogs (using Blogger) and assign authors to them. The TA will also create a “shared folder” in Google Docs for each team. The teams will use this shared space to create draft versions of their work.

Your initial blog post is due Friday, January 22. In addition to familiarize students with Blogger, it should introduce the team members (e.g., write a sentence or two about each one). See the schedule for the other six blog deadlines and topics, each linked to a course topic.

Team 1, Internet & Social Networking:

Team 2: Security:

Team 3, Ethics & IP:

Team 4, Digital Divide:

Team 5: Gaming:

Grading of Blogs

The objective of the weekly blog assignments is to demonstrate understanding of the topics. In addition, we will use the feedback to expand and enhance future offerings of this course.

Grading is done on the following scale:

  • 0 for nothing done
  • 1 for something, but incomplete or unimpressive
  • 2 for a thoughtful, well-organized contribution

Additional points may be awarded based on insightful comments posted on other teams' blogs. By the end of the semester, each group member must have authored at least one blog post, and posted at least one comment on another team's blog.

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