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Wiki Project

In addition to blog posts, each team will be responsible for additional research on one of the five course topics:

  • Team 1 : Internet & Social Networking
  • Team 2 : Voting Machines & Security
  • Team 3 : Ethics & Intellectual Property
  • Team 4 : Digital Divide
  • Team 5 : Gaming

Assignments of groups to topic will be done by the instructors, using the information you provide in the initial assignment.

The final submission of this effort is to be added to the CS4EDU wiki. The due date of each wiki contribution is a week after the blog entries were due. Specifically, each team will:

  1. Evaluate the blog entries posted on this topic by all groups, and identify materials that could be added to the course (e.g., issues not addressed by the speaker).
  2. Expand the lecture slides (or create a summary page of notes) using any additional material discussed in class or on the blogs.
  3. Do some outside research on a particular issue related to the assigned topic, and create a reference page including links, diagrams, photos, videos, and/or other content (e.g., a Wikipedia-style article for this class).

Each group member must create part of the final content, i.e. as page or section on the class wiki. Note that you should not use Google Docs to collaborate for this project, but should edit your work-in-progress directly on the wiki.

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